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What should you do according to your BMI?
Do you know your BMI?
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Do you know your BMI?

[Do you know your BMI?]

Warning: this simple questionnaire cannot, and must not be interpreted as a medical consultation.
You want to know what are the different options available for the treatment of obesity.

For this, you have to provide two parameters:
- the weight in kilograms
- the height in meters

With these you can determine your Body Mass Index or BMI: weight in kilograms divided by height in square meters. The result will give the basis for an initial therapeutic orientation. This is, however, the first step in evaluation and is not enough on its own to lead to a therapeutic decision.

Others factors should be taken into account to reach a therapeutic decision :

- Age: over 18, over 40, and over 60
- The time elapsed since the onset of obesity, and factors that contributed to obesity: childhood; adolescence ; pregnancy ; external factors (e.g. diseases, injury, giving up sport activities or smoking, emotional stress etc.)
- The date at which the last significant weight-loss (i.e. more than 5 kilos) was achieved: less than 6 months ago, 6 to 12 months, 1 to 3 years, more than 3 years.

These factors will play an important part in helping the physician chose between therapeutic alternatives. These elements should anyway be asked for during a visit for weight-loss

Weight in kilograms (eg: 85)
Height in meters (eg: 1.78)
Body Mass Index:

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