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Causes and mechanisms of obesity
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The connexion between overweight and mortality

[The connexion between overweight and mortality]


It is well known that obesity leads to a higher occurence of a set of diseases and shortens life expectancy. But what are the exact figures? Ever since the well reported surveys from the so called Framingham group (United Kingdom), it is known as a fact that cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes mellitus have a higher prevalence in merely overweight patients (Body Mass Index above 25 kg/square meter).

The famous American journal JAMA wonders about the variations and discrepancies underlying the figures that have been published lately according to different épidemiological studies between 1999 and 2005. A first paper reached the conclusion that 112 000 deaths could be attributed to obesity in 2000 in the United States, whereas two other authors had an estimate of 414 000, or 280 000 in an anterior period of time (1991). Wher does such a gap come from ?

Statistical models are debated among physicians dealing with public health issues. As a matter of fact, one should take into account the prevalence of obesity as a risk factor, and the scale of its connexion with the causes of premature deaths (which is called "relative risk"). Some variables create an interference with the results: the correlation with other risk factors has changed (for exemple most obese people are not any more important smokers), or the population aging process, that entails a relative weight decrease whilst obesity affected a significant part of the anterior life...

* Deaths attributable to obesity. DH Mark. JAMA 2005; 293: 1918-9.

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