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Weight gain in spouses

[Weight gain in spouses after bariatric surgery]



Two consequences of the operation are described: 1. The'garbage can'effect: because the patient's oral intake is restricted, there is some leftover food to eat that might be given to the spouse.This contributes to a weight-gain. 2. The mimicking effect: the non-operated spouse mimics progressively the habits of the operated spouse and thus looses weight. In the mean time, dietery choices may improve, an both spouses may work out together. Yet it is unknown which of these two effetcs will prevail in the end... Unfortunately, the mimicking effect seems predominant... in non obese spouses! The conclusion drawn by the authors is that the spouses of operated patients are more fragile and inclined to weigh-gain. Therefore a diet counselling should be proposed to them. It is also proposed to study the effects of bariatric surgery on the other relatives (children).

* Weight changes in spouses of gastric bypass patients. Madan AK, Turman KA, Tichansky DS. Obesity Surgery 2005, 15: 191-194.

It has become trivial to say that the success of a weight-loss program depends upon those who are related to the patients seeking to loose weight. This statement is true wether one undertakes a comprehensive diet-program or more complex procedures such as bariatric surgery. Of course the spouse plays a very important part.It is more surprising to observe that the weight-loss obtained by the patient induces important changes with his or her spouse. A recent survey from an American team points this out ((Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee). 63 patients were operated on with a bariatric procedure (gastro-jejunal bypass)and reviewed after a 12 months period. 3 spouses have been operated on during the same period. 33 spouses had a weight-change, 13 have lost weight and 20 have regained weight. 75% of the spouses have gained weight among those who were obese, whereas 38% of the non-obese did.

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